We support our customers in establishing networks across Europe.

International Projects

In most cases successful business consulting regarding job-safety and qualification questions requires an international perspective.

Transnational Studies

PCG - Project Consult GmbH provides internationally comparative studies with our network partners across Europe. Works councils, trade unions and political actors thus benefit from insights and experiences from our neighbours in order to identify the key issues for future strategies.


Many companies operate Europe-wide or even globally. European Works Councils (EWC) are thus required to adapt to such an international structure. PCG – Project Consult GmbH supports them in this process to work efficiently on the European level.

Transnational Business Consulting

Companies without European works councils also face problems of an international scale that goes beyond domestic company locations. PCG – Project Consult GmbH provides tailored strategies and innovative solutions focusing on work and employment.

International Know-how

In order to provide clients with international expertise PCG has founded consultingeuropa as a trans-European subsidiary in Brussels. ‘Knowledge is the best protection’ - PCG – Project Consult GmbH supports you in establishing European networks.

Sample Cases

Cases with European works councils
  • Advisory for a European works council in the construction materials sector regarding questions about a merger with another company, with a focus on safeguarding employment – 2015
  • Advisory for European works council of a large French energy and utilities company in cooperation with a partner – 2015
Comparative analyses on the national level
  • Country case studies for the European Trade Union Institute (Brussels) and Planet Labour (Paris) about the handling of mass redundancies in EU member states – 2015
  • Case about corporate restructuring and its effects on affected regions for the EU-Commission Employment Directorate in cooperation with two international partners – 2014
Research of funding and case development in an international context
  • Advisory for the German Trade Union Federation about funding options for the Fair-Mobility project of the European Commission – 2014
  • Process-accompanying evaluation of an ESF-financed (German Federation) project “Fair Mobility” in cooperation with the German Trade Union Federation – on-going
Transnational labour agreements - A project of the European Commission

PCG – Project Consult GmbH is one of the participants of the “Social Dialog” in the European Union. In autumn 2011 the European Commission published a database on “transnational company agreements”. The database includes a collection of texts and bargaining agreements between European works councils / trade unions and company managements. Key areas of interest are anti-discrimination measures, health and safety at work, gender equality, etc.

The database provides an excellent source of information for interested actors, such as works councillors and company representatives, and enables a structured access to the field. PCG – Project Consult GmbH continuously works under the umbrella of consultingeuropa with its French partners to maintain, update and improve this database.

We stand for solidarity and the safeguarding of European civil and labour rights.

  • “A European order can only be a true basis for the cooperation of European peoples if it builds upon a shared European ethos, a shared believe in moral values.”

    Helmuth J. von Moltke Lawyer and resistance fighter during the NS-era
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