New anthology published by Schüren Verlag: Reconciling Climate and Work - Impulses for a Climate-Neutral Restructuring of the Economy

We are living in a time of global upheaval. Crises of unprecedented proportions are gripping countries, states and societies around the globe. Nothing will remain as it was. The severity of these crises is unprecedented due to the parallelism of several crises and catastrophes that are simultaneously overtaking all areas of life and the economy. Pandemics, a global economic collapse with the severity of a world economic crisis, transformation of business and industry, but above all unbridled climate change, the consequences of which no one can estimate, all these earthquakes bind our life and work these days. Corona will soon be contained and defeated, hopefully. But climate change remains.
Against this background of a world under gray, deeply dark clouds, it is necessary to find approaches that show how "living differently" and "working and managing differently" can work.
This book does not claim to be able to provide patent answers. Who can do that at the moment? Nobody. Rather, in line with the motto "The path is the goal," the aim is to provide impetus and insights into what, for example, a climate-neutral steel industry could look like, what the political program of a trade union Green Deal in energy policy could look like, and to offer insights into regions that are dealing concretely with the challenges of phasing out lignite mining and making socio-ecological thinking the basis for action. Discourses with representatives of Fridays for Future are also included, because this publication would like to contribute a small building block to the fact that the future is feasible, that sustainability with simultaneous "good work" determines our thinking and actions.

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