Newly employed at PCG: Denis Lekon

My name is Denis Lekon and I have been working in financial accounting/administration at PCG - Project Consult GmbH in Essen since 1 July 2019.

As a trained industry economist, I have gone through all business areas of a larger company during my apprenticeship. After my training I decided to work in the area of auxiliary business accounting in financial accounting and was able to gain my first professional experience. Among my most important tasks were the creation of single and monthly invoices, the control of incoming payments and the creation of possible reminders, the clarification of customer inquiries/contradictions with the responsible departments.

I am looking forward to my time at PCG - Project Consult GmbH.

My target is to use my position at PCG - Project Consult GmbH as the next step for my pro-fessional development. In addition, I would like to bring in my past experiences and further advance them.

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