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Public Sector Consulting

PCG - Project Consult GmbH provides expert analyses and reports about labour, economic and regional issues to the public sector – federal and state ministries, local municipalities and other public organisations. Political actors benefit from this expertise when it comes to strategic decisions and forward-looking approaches.


PCG – Project Consult GmbH developed a business segment under the umbrella ‘evaluations’ that delivers on-demand analyses and evaluations for consulting cases, business processes and organisational matters.

The context, structure, process, scope and question of such a task can be individually tailored to your needs. Our analyses are then based on empirical data and systematically structured in order to provide comprehensible and verifiable results for our clients.

Standard approaches to internal and external data collection include questionnaires, statistic surveys as well as data and document analysis. An evaluation is then based on the calculated actual value in comparison to pre-determined target values, based on benchmark indicators.

Socio-political observations and advisory

Our fast-changing and increasingly globalised world poses entirely new challenges to the work of public sector consultants.

PCG – Project Consult GmbH pursues a conversational approach to consulting. It is imperative to have a relationship based on trust between the participating stakeholders and that all parties are aware of the context as well as the limits of the consulting work.

Focusing on the implementation is as important as the actual concepts themselves. This poses a challenge to the strategic discourse vis-à-vis the client and is also expected of us as consultants, observers and innovators. Our consulting concept ‘active moderation’ also serves this purpose, emphasising the connection between consulting and implementation as well as the ‘entanglement of expertise and organisational development’.

Sample Cases

Public Sector Consulting
  • Development of an ‘impact analysis’ tool for the calculation of socio-economic effects of entrepreneurial activity – case for the MWEIMH and the Hans-Böckler-Foundation – 2014
  • Argumentation support for state institutions, trade unions and local municipalities for their entrepreneurial responsibilities during restructuring processes – case for the MWEIMH and the Hans-Böckler-Foundation – 2014
  • Report and argumentation support for the Federal Association of Non-statutory Welfare to strengthen the consideration of the fight against poverty in the new ERDF and ESF directives – 2012
  • Process-related evaluation of the ESF-sponsored project ‘Fair Mobility’ in cooperation with the DGB (German Trade Union Confederation) executive board – ongoing
  • Process-related evaluation of an equality and anti-racism project sponsored by the Federal Agency for Family and Civil Matters (BAFzA) – 2015-2019
  • Process-related and summative evaluation of the GOMEO project, sponsored by the Ministry for Labour, Integration and Social Affairs NRW
  • Description and critical analysis of the inter-municipal cooperation process of the cities of Duisburg, Essen, Mühlheim and Oberhausen (IZ DEMO) – 2013
  • Process-related and summative evaluation of the works-council network project ‘Canaletto’, financed by ERDF and ESF grants of the free state Saxony – 2009-2010

Our public sector consulting is based on a deep knowledge of different types of work in different industries and companies.

  • “In politics one should try less to create new opportunites, but rather use the existing ones.”

    Walther Rathenau (1867 – 1922) German social-democratic politician, author, industrialist and foreign secretary 1922
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