Work-orientated consulting is our aim. Each year over 100 companies, associations, charities, NGOs and other institutions seek the support and advise of PCG – Project Consult GmbH.


Amongst our clients are companies, government ministries, trade unions, works councils, banks, socio-economic institutions and local government bodies from all over Germany. We are further engaged in various cross-European cases with our cooperation partners.

Given the diverse range of customers, we can constantly expand our horizon in terms of experiences and implementation expertise. This guarantees an innovative and successful approach to our cases and an excellent communication with all concerned stakeholders. Both our existing and new clients benefit from our long-established networks from previous consulting cases and partnerships.

Business consulting cases
  • Support of works councils on all levels of the company
  • Analysis of cost reduction programs
  • Settlement of interests as part of cost optimisation programs
  • Consulting for planned outsourcing and lay-offs
  • Short analyses / quick checks
Human resources and organisational development cases
  • Studies about further (vocational) training
  • Development of a forward-looking, long-term plan for cooperate and operational organisation
  • Restructuring of a union-owned recreational retreat
  • Integration of new tasks
  • Optimisation of corporate development
Examples of studies, analyses and labour-market policies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the new European action plan
  • Case “Co-determination of the right of initiative according to § 92a BetrVG”
  • HBS-case in cooperation with Wilke, Maack und Partner – Perspectives of the defence industry in Germany between Europeanisation, hopes for world-markets and conversion 2.0
  • Case “Inter-municipal communication – future model of municipal administration?”
  • Support of a case for the health-care program “Good work in the office” at ThyssenKrupp AG
  • Case INARE – new and innovative approaches to regional development
  • Case BMInno – corporate plans for innovation
  • Canaletto – Works council networks
  • Market-based professionalization of socio-economic enterprises in Essen

Industry- or capability-specific references can be supplied upon request.

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