The latest trends and developments of Industry 4.0 in Germany

On November 6th, 2018, PCG Project Consult (Mr Florian Glunz & Mr Daniel Lidon) had the chance of providing the delegation “China Production 2025” with a special lecture on the latest trends and developments of Industry 4.0 in Germany. The delegation consisted of 30 high-ranking ministry officials, university directors and academics from different Chinese provinces – including Beijing, Henan, Jiangsu and Xinjiang.

Special emphasis was placed on the impact of digitalization and Industry 4.0 on German workers as well as the importance of the role of Mitbestimmung (Co-Determination) throughout processes of structural change. Several case studies highlighting the experiences of companies based in the Ruhr Area were presented.

The presentation was carried out collaboratively with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Feldmann, professor of Digital Systems Integration at Aalen University as well as CEO of NectOne, who shared his expertise on topics relating to Smart Production, Cloud Technology and Robotics within the Industry 4.0 framework.

Florian Glunz - PCG

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