We do not reinvent the economy ...
Our task is to find consensus-based solutions.
Our core competence is consulting in companies.
Saving and creating jobs is our aim.

Business Consulting

Work-orientated consulting means safeguarding jobs and locations, innovation and socially-responsible structural change. Customer-focus and excellent implementation are the key to our consulting services for works councils, trade unions and companies. Saving and creating jobs is our aim.

Economic analyses

Management based on thorough economic analyses is equally important for small- and medium-sized businesses. Our consulting services thus focus mainly on balance sheet and cost analyses as well as turnover forecasts.

Business recovery concepts

Together with our clients we develop well-rounded business plans to provide a medium-term strategy. We accompany the firm during a successful implementation of the developed measures.

Works councils

Co-determination requires consultants. Support of works councils in their work with the company and its management.


The negotiation and implementation of bargaining agreements, interest settlements, social plans and other changes in order to protect employees.

Securing a company location’s future

Alternative concepts, ideas and proposals to save company locations and jobs.

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Sample cases

Economic analyses

We have been hired by the works council of a family-owned, medium-sized company to assess the current economic and financial conditions.

The initial cause for our consulting services is often the management demand for wage reductions and savings (Christmas and holiday payments). Our analyses often show that the economic distress of companies does not originate from operational deficits, but problems with the companies’ financing.

Conclusion: Negotiations with the management often achieve a more balanced approach to restructuring and that wage reductions are not necessary for business planning.

Saving locations

A company location is to be closed in favour of another plant.

We jointly develop alternative scenarios with the works council and the relevant trade union. The result is that both locations can continue profitable operations and will be saved and maintained.

Restructuring concepts

Works councils often call us into companies affected by restructuring and lay-offs in order to analyse and justify the measures planned by the management.

We jointly work on weak spots of the management plans and develop further, own restructuring concepts with the aim to save numerous jobs and achieve a settlement of interests and a social plan in the best interests of all employees.

Involvement of employees leads to innovation and efficiency.

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