Successful project completion for BaGAMo

The two-year model project "BaGAMo", which was carried out by the PCG together with the IG BCE district of Berlin-Mark Brandenburg, was successfully concluded in January 2021 with a final digital conference. "BaGAMo" stands for "Digitalisierung in Brandenburger KMU. Betriebsräte aktiv für Gute Arbeit - Modellprojekt" (Digitalization in Brandenburg SMEs. Works councils active for good work - model project). The aim of the project was to empower works councils to shape digital change in their companies in the interests of good work. At the final conference, we were able to hold exciting discussions about digitalization in companies with works councils from the partner companies and trade union secretaries.

The video of the final conference, as well as numerous materials and video clips on shaping digital change, are available on the project's homepage:


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